Welcome to my world! 

I design, make and sell unique ornaments to commemorate important events of life. Come into my world and look around. Most of my ornaments are one of a kind and very unique.  We do everything from birth to engagement through Golden Anniversary. Tell us what you want and we'll create it for you.

The ornaments are created using an offshoot of the ancient Japanese Art of Kimekomi Doll making; otherwise known as fabric tucking. 

Different methods are used in the creation of the designs featured; including machine embroidery,  photographic and graphic printing on fabric and fabric motiffs. Everything from the simple to the complex.

The Gallery gives me the opportunity to brag a little bit and shows ornaments created in the past. 

The For Sale page has ornaments currently in stock and available for purchase.    

This site is currently under construction and will be updated frequently.  In the meantime, please sign my guest book and leave any comments you wish.
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